The Richardplatz

The Richardplatz is the central square of Neukölln, a district of Berlin-Rixdorf. After the migration of the Bohemian religious refugees, the village was divided after 1737 in German and Bohemian Rixdorf.

Here are parts of the oldest buildings of today's Neukölln, which represent the remains of the old Rixdorf. It got its name before 1877. It is due to the Ordenshof Richardshof, whose name is probably based on its founder, a Templar named Richard. The Ordenshof in 1360 by Hermann von Werberg, Grand Master of the Order of St. John and governors in the Mark Brandenburg and Dietrich von Sasar the Commander of the Order of St. John of the village Richardsdorp - later Rixdorf - expanded.

The Richardplatz of course is still a cultural center of Neukölln. Particularly well known are the historic Advent Old Rixdorfer Christmas market, the hay bale rolling since 2008 and the artisan market of the blacksmith forge.

The trucking company "Kutschen Schöne" with his beautiful coach hire, founded in 1894, is located since 1910 at the Richard Place 18th The carriages and wagons can not only be visited, but rented for rides today.

Many Neukölln residents appreciate the pedestrianized square in front because of its originality and quiet village atmosphere